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Write history

To establish the best performing and leading cannabis company, worldwide. Supporting the medicine, as well as the economy, we are determined to write history, not read about it.

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Set standards

We don’t thrive to meet the standards and expectations, WE SET THEM!

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Our main goal is to improve the health and benefits of our consumers whilst exceeding their expectations and level of satisfaction from our products and services.


Who are we

In February 2016, after six months of deliberation, North Macedonia has pushed through legislation to legalize the use of medical cannabis. Since then North Macedonia has set its sights on European expansion cultivating a medical cannabis industry of its own, open to investors, entrepreneurs and multinationals alike. But as North Macedonia joins the ranks of Balkan states leading the medical cannabis revolution in south-eastern Europe, some patients are yet to see the benefits. Medical cannabis was legalized via amendments to the existing Law on Control of Opioid Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, as opposed to the inception of a new law. In contrast to the regulation of other medicines, the amendments also stipulate that only publicly employed specialists in neurology, oncology and radiotherapy, and infectious diseases can prescribe medical cannabis treatments.

The team

Endo Kanna is one of the first who thrive to pierce in this new world of business and medicine. With the usage of our teams knowledge, highly equipped laboratories, consistent effort, there is no obstacle that we can’t overcome. The facilities for cultivation are also with implemented GMP standards of quality. Also, the quality control is implemented in cutting-edge technology system of drop by drop system and pots coconut-soil-based systems. Drop by drop and soil-based grow systems will give our Master Grower total operational control over everything that happens to and with our plants. We are able to control the total environment and all inputs delivered to the production processes, cultivation of plants, including temperature, humidity, light wave lengths, light cycles, air movement, air exchange, and carbon dioxide levels. Specialized feed programs are implemented so we can precisely control the amount and ratio of nutrients the plants in guest. These programs will be tailored to individual strains to maximize each strain’s unique habits and potential. All aspects of the cultivation operation will be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our Pharmacy and Agriculture professionals, Master Grower and support staff will have the technology and software to allow them to view the entire operation remotely and make any changes necessary to ensure that he processes of production or cultivation of plants can always maximize and optimize the micro conditions related to best results.


Backed by research and standards

We utilize GMP (such as GDP and GLP) standards, ISO 8 (as minimum standard for clean rooms, or old class D), ISO 13485 for equipment, ISO 9001 and follow whole quality control processes. In facilities for processing of medical cannabis, the whole process predicts clean rooms, HEPA filters, HVAC with GMP control, Air Showers, white rooms, storages, laboratories, production rooms with special approach and documentation, treasure holders/ safe rooms, and whole technological path on higher level without any possibility of any type of contamination.

THC, also called tetrahydrocannabinol, is the compound in cannabis that is psychoactive and gives you the feeling of being high. However, THC's chemical make-up, C₂₁H₃₀O₂, is very similar to its counterpart, CBD, which actually combats the effects of THC. THC brags a variety of uses, both medicinal and recreational.

The team

Among dozens, THC can be used in syrups, edibles, oils used via tinctures, drops, in medicines, and topicals including lotions and balms used for anti- inflammation. THC and cannabis can also be used on animals like dogs for pain relief and calming anxiety.  Additionally, Marinol, a medication made with synthetic THC, is the only currently FDA approved THC medication. Indeed, there have also been countless reports of the many health benefits of THC and cannabis. Although still speculative, THC has been shown to potentially help increase appetite in eating disorder patients, help with neurodegenerative diseases, and even potentially help cancer patients. Studies have shown that THC may help patients with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, as well as provide pain relief for some patients. In fact, doctors concluded that THC and cannabis have several proven benefits, including relieving symptoms like vomiting for chemotherapy patients and providing pain relief. And, other experts feel there is room for optimism regarding where THC applications could reach.

THC is used to help with conditions such as:
Muscle spasticity
Low appetite
Insulin sensitivity

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